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DREAM QUEST follows the incredible journey of eight "dreamers" as they compete in challenges designed to expose their weaknesses and make them face the very obstacles that are stopping them from achieving their dreams. The drama culminates in an emotional season finale where the winners of each of three rounds of competition are rewarded with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to pitch their dream to a panel of celebrity judges. But only one will win and get a chance to live out their dream.

Season 1


Since the time Ponce de León first discovered the Florida Keys in his search for the mythical “Fountain of Youth,” this has been a place where dreams have been pursued. As the setting for season one of DREAM QUEST, it is once again the backdrop for individuals relentlessly chasing their dreams.

Extending some 120 miles from Miami to Key West, the Florida Keys provide an amazing setting and backstory for the DREAM QUEST challenges. Local landmarks, legends and attractions all serve as colorful backstories that will direct the eight contestants on their journey to live out their dreams.



we searched the country for people who have BOLD DREAMS that have yet to become a reality

Dream Coaches

Courtenay Bowser and Sean Yost are the show’s Dream Coaches. Part host and part mentor, they encourage each dreamer to push back their fears and overcome any obstacles that are stopping them from success. They also lead one of the most dynamic aspects of DREAM QUEST, a powerful nightly bonfire in which they challenge the group to take steps that boldly move them closer to their dreams.



Courtenay is dynamic, beautiful and intense. She's never one to shrink back from a challenge. Starting at age 19 she helped change the lives of thousands of young people by creating her own arts school and leading arts mission trips around the world. Currently she is an international speaker and author. She wrote the book "Beautiful" that confronts the issues of body image and low self-esteem in women. She's also a successful television host, inspiring young women in the series REAL GIRLS REAL LIFE and co-hosting (along with Sean) the reality series for young adults ULTIMATE CHOICE.


Sean is a youth expert with a big personality. He has motivated and inspired over a half million young people who've had their lives changed by an amazing outreach he created called YouthQuake Live. He's also led hundreds of teens on mission trips to 12 different countries. Sean co-hosted (along with Courtenay) five seasons of a young adult reality series called ULTIMATE CHOICE that is still seen today around the world. He will stop at nothing to help young people pursue and achieve their dreams.



  • ZERO IN ON YOUR DREAM (Episode 1)

    The cast arrives in the Florida Keys and meets their Dream Coaches on the amazing Seven Mile Bridge. The game stakes are set, the first Q-Card is read, and it's off to the first challenge.

    DREAM THEME: It is important to define your dream and zero in on your target to achieve success.

    CHALLENGE: Operation Raining Watermelons – Four two-player teams gather watermelons and soar into the air on a parasail. Their objective...locate, zero in, and hit a floating target 350 feet below them.

    SPECIAL GUEST: 4-time international speedboat champion Lee Murray

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    The cast steps outside of their comfort zones when challenged to become street performers at one of the most famous venues in the world. To stand out from the crowd and win the competition, they must push their creative boundaries.

    DREAM THEME: The most creative and clever ideas are the ones that get the most attention. As you chase your dream, what will set you apart from the crowd?

    CHALLENGE: Street Performing – Cast is divided into two teams of four. They are challenged to create their own street performance show during the famous nightly Sunset Celebration at Mallory Square, Key West. The winner is determined by which team attracts the largest crowd and collects the most money when they pass the hat.

    SPECIAL GUEST: Will Soto – World famous tightrope walker and street performer

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    The cast is challenged to pick a partner and tackle a nearly impossible obstacle course in the middle of the ocean. Like in life, their ultimate success or failure will be determined by who they choose to surround themselves with.

    DREAM THEME: In the quest for your dream you will face many challenges. Who you surround yourself with will influence how you deal with these obstacles.

    CHALLENGE: Ocean Obstacle Course – Each dreamer must partner up with a teammate and compete in an obstacle course located in the middle of the ocean. The event involves retrieving a heavy object from the sea floor, carrying it over a floating climbing wall, and transporting it through obstacles by paddleboard, kayak and jet ski. The winning team is the first to deliver the object across the finish.

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    The dreamers are given a pre-dawn wake-up call and forced to compete in a grueling physical competition. They will need to use mental strength to complete the challenge and stay in the game.

    DREAM THEME: The difference between who you are and who you want to be is what you decide to do.

    CHALLENGE: Self Discipline Challenge – A pair of Green Berets split the dreamers into two 4-person teams where they will compete in a series of exhausting events designed to emphasize mind-over-body self-discipline.

    SPECIAL GUEST: Former Green Berets who founded the GORUCK CHALLENGE.

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    The cast faces a huge problem when they are dropped off on a small sandy island that contains two large piles of junk. They must figure out how to turn the debris into a raft before the tide swallows up the island.

    DREAM THEME: When faced with a problem, successful people find focus and find solutions.

    CHALLENGE: Disappearing Island – The dreamers are divided into two teams of four and taken into the Gulf of Mexico to a pristine sand bar near Snipe Island. They have 30 minutes to turn two piles of junk into floatable rafts before high tide overtakes the land and the materials on it. Once floating, the two teams will race to the finish line.

    SPECIAL GUEST: 4-time international speedboat champion Lee Murray returns

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    Dreamers are faced with the first of two very difficult underwater challenges, Success goes to the team that can communicate most effectively.

    DREAM THEME: Whether it is face to face, by phone, email or text, good communication skills are the key to your success.

    CHALLENGE: Raise the Canoe – Divided up into teams of two, dreamers attempt to raise a canoe that has been submerged in approximately fifteen feet of water. Teams must dive underwater, remove a number of sand bags, and untie multiple knots to release the canoes before they can float them, attempt to climb aboard, and paddle to shore. First team to shore wins.

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    In the season's most difficult and spectacular challenge, the cast is taught to do what they think is impossible...free diving in the blue waters of the Gulf Stream. Along the way, they will confront the fears stopping them from pursuing their dreams.

    DREAM THEME: Fear often separates you from your dreams. If you can learn to conquer your fears you can reach your dream.

    CHALLENGE: Open Ocean Free Dive – Deep in the Gulf Stream waters of the Atlantic, the dreamers will take on an intense individual challenge. A dive boat drops a line that has markers every five feet down. The contestants must conquer their fears and remain calm as they descend as deep as they can. The winner of the event is the person who courageously goes the deepest.

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    Most people do not achieve their dream because they quit when things get hard. If you can learn to persevere through tough times, you can achieve your dream.

    DREAM THEME:Most people do not achieve their dream because they quit when things get hard. If you can learn to persevere and not quit, you can achieve your dream.

    CHALLENGE: Paddle Board Challenge – In this individual competition, each contestant is assigned a colored bag full of wooden building blocks. The bags of blocks are thrown into the strong current and swept under a bridge. The contestants must then paddle under the bridge, retrieve their bags, construct a two-story block structure on the front of their paddle boards, and then paddle back under the bridge all while keeping their block house balanced and intact.

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    A special guest arrives at the house. Unknown to the dreamers, how they treat this stranger will come back to either help or harm them in this stealth challenge that will test their ability to develop relationships.

    DREAM THEME: One of the greatest things we can do is invest in others. Our personal achievements will one day come to an end, but whatever we invest in others will live into the future.

    CHALLENGE:Who Am I? – The dreamers will be challenged to a game that reveals how much they have invested in those around them during their DREAM QUEST experience. This individual competition serves up trivia questions about fellow cast members and the episode’s special guest.

    SPECIAL GUEST: Entrepreneur and “secret” DREAM QUEST Judge Dwight Cooper. Dwight is the owner of the number one small business to work for in the country.

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  • THE FINAL PITCH (Episode 10)

    The finalists are revealed including a surprise wildcard pick. While most of the cast is sent home, three get the opportunity to pitch their dream to a panel of celebrity judges. The person who can best sell their vision to the judges wins a chance to make their dream come true.

    DREAM QUEST JUDGES: Former NFL star Leroy Butler, the originator of the famous "Lambeau Leap”; singer, songwriter, and actress Brooke White, a former finalist on "American Idol; and entrepreneur Dwight Cooper, the CEO of the company voted the #1 small business to work for in the country.

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Each season, DREAM QUEST challenges eight contestants to pursue their dreams as they compete to make them happen. Contact us to get more information about the program or to learn how you can be a contestant on the upcoming season.

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